2017 Scholarship Application

SDAWWA is now accepting Applications for the Annual Scholarship! Application form and eligibility criteria can be downloaded from the Home Page!

SDAWWA Annual Scholarship – Application and Criteria

  1. The applicant, applicant’s utility system, or parent/step-parent/legal guardian of the scholarship applicant must have been a member of SDAWWA for 3 of the last 5 years, including the year of application.

  2. If the applicant is a SDAWWA member, or the employee of a utility member water system, they must be seeking higher education to further their careers in the water industry and an employer must not be funding the costs.

  3. If the parent/step-parent/legal guardian of applicant is a member of SDAWWA, the applicant must be pursuing an undergraduate or technical degree at a college, university, or vocational technical school. Course of study will not be a determining factor. The school attended may be in state or out of the state of South Dakota.

  4. Provide documentation of acceptance/enrollment in a post-secondary education institution from registrar of the institution.

  5. Applicants must have not received the scholarship previously.

  6. Applicants must be received by May 1st to be considered for the award. The recipient(s) will be notified no later than August 15th.

  7. Attach a brief 100 to 500 word paragraph describing your parent/guardian’s positive contribution to the water industry. If you are the SDAWWA member, describe your positive contribution to the water industry. This paragraph, or a portion of it, may be read during the award ceremony.

  8. The Scholarship Committee will determine the recipient(s) via a lottery system and notify them no later than August 15th. The Winner(s) will be announced at the Annual SDWWA Conference in September.

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